Powerful compression
and smooth surfaces


Interchangeable single-roller tools and the Baublies modular tool system achieve a significant increase in the material surface hardness in combination with a very smooth surface.
With single-roller burnishing, a hardened roller flattens the surface of the workpiece by contacting it at one single point: In this area of contact the steplessly adjustable roller pressure reaches the yield point of the material. During the process, work hardening of the surface layer and an increase in surface-hardness takes place. The generation of residual compressive stresses significantly increases vibration resistance in the workpiece.


  • High flexibility, broad range of applications
  • Maximum process reliability
  • High-quality and rugged
  • Surface roughnesses of under Rz 1.0 µm
  • Larger contact area ratios due to plateau formation
  • Greater surface resistance to wearing and corrosion
  • Constant dimensions and high fitting accuracy
  • Shifting of the material fatigue limits
  • Low investment
  • Fast return of invest
  • Environmental sustainability due to a lack of waste products
  • The possibility of complete processing in one setting


Variable single-roller burnishing tool for smoothing and hardening internal and external contours.


  • Adjustable angle for various contours
  • Optimal design of the rollers for profile machining
  • Universally applicable due to compact design


Single-roller burnishing tool, modular system

The fixture represents the connection between machine and tool. The basic element is connected by a form-closed clamping bar to the tool fixture.

Rolling unit
Der Rollkopf führt die Rolle und ist in Verbindung mit der Werkzeugaufnahme und dem Grundkörper der Bearbeitungsaufgabe angepasst.

Basic Element
The basic element contains the spring of the single-roller tool. This spring enables you to define the rolling force in dependence to the tool preload. The rolling force can be determined by using the chart. If the exact value of the force is required, the optionally available testing device has to be used


  • Easy to use
  • Easy exchangeable pressure spring
  • Rugged tool design
  • Slim design
  • Fast feedrate possible
  • Low wear part costs
  • High surface quality > Rz1